A Walk to Congo

On the eleventh of December, we took a trip to a place called Paidha. We went there to visit a woman named Pastor Helen who  had shared with us a vision God had given her.  She had been called to start an orphanage on her property and she asked us to please come and pray over the land with her.  Pastor Helen is part of a non-profit group called Women Of The Great Commission Outreach Ministries (WGCOM).

Eleven of us made the two-hour trip in a 7 passenger van.  To say we were packed in like sardines is an understatement!  The first half of the journey was on paved road, but once we reached the town of Nebbie, it was dirt road and an uphill climb the rest of the way.  What a trip it was!  When we reached the town we were met by a group of happy people at the local church that ministers to widows and orphans.  They were so grateful to see us, especially Pastor Helen.  After being introduced to the church, we followed Pastor Helen to her home and had a delicious meal.  Rice, red beans, greens and chicken, oh and Peter got the head – beak and all!


Upon returning to the church, we were divided into ministry groups.  I spoke with a group of widows. Since coming to Africa, God has clearly shown me that my own widowhood can be a source of great encouragement to other women who have suffered tremendous loss. My friend, Benedicta, who also has a burden for widows, has been a true mentor to me.  It is such a blessing to be able to share the hope of a new season filled with God’s purpose with women who may have lost their hope when they lost their husband.

After we finished our time in groups, we all walked a short distance to the property where Pastor Helen plans to build her home and the orphanage. It is a beautiful place and we stand together and pray that God will bless the land and the work that will go on there.  It was a special moment and I felt honored to be there.  Jason spoke words of hope and encouragement to Pastor Helen and we left feeling God’s presence was there.

Our next stop was the border of Congo.  Although the road was not far, it was terrible!  The granite rocks in the road are so sharp, they ended up popping the van’s back tire.  We all climbed out and began to walk down the road to the border crossing.  The guards there were friendly and welcoming.  They allowed us to walk around the wooden crossbar and on down the road without even asking for passports.  As we stood in “no man’s land”, we looked out over the green hills towards Congo.  Our Arua base leaders, Benedicta and Barthemy are both Congolise and their hearts desire is to return there and minister to their people.  They began to pour out their hearts and we joined in to pray for the lost and hurting people of Congo.

Back in the van we began the long journey back to Arua.  Our driver took a different route home, which brought us through some gorgeous hills of black stone.  It is so very green and lush, but at times the road seems like nothing more than a goat trail.  Still we made it back to the main road and on to Aura.  Even though our bodies were stiff and sore, our hearts, souls and spirits are full of joy for a day well spent.

By Jani

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    Thank for visiting the DRC and sharing about this amazing Country

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