Thank God for Cheap Flights

Anyone else have visa stories? Here is ours…

We had two problems: One, our pictures were not good; and, two, Elias who is from Sweden, was told to apply in his home country. These were problems to us, but as God would show us these were just inconveniences.

Our passports and applications needed to be submitted at the embassy in San Francisco about four hours away from Chico. Tom (our DTS leader) made the first trip only to find out that we all needed new passport pictures and Elias would need to go to Sweden. After taking new pictures and praying, Tom again, set out to San Francisco hoping to find a way to submit Elias’ application, only to once again be told that Elias would need to go to Sweden. We got together, sought God, and came to the conclusion that we should try one more time to apply in San Francisco, this this time with Elias in person, and if that did not work then going to Sweden was not going to be a big deal anyways.

So on Monday May 22nd Elias, Tom and Tyler ( our outreach leader) once again set out for San Francisco. After exhuasting all options at the Embassy, it became clear that Elias would need to fly home.

A cheap flight for the same day was found from San Francisco and Elias went cheerfully off to Sweden with just the clothes he was wearing! As another trip to Chico and back would take time, Elias was willing to go with what he had. The trip was a success and Elias came back Friday. He said, “I did not understand it at first, but then there were a lot of good things that came with it!” He was blessed with time with family, friends and he was even able to drive his car that he had missed.

Elias shared that during this time he grew in trusting God. For us it has been a reminder of God’s faithfulness and trustworthinesss. Also Elias’ positive attitude has showed us not to look at the negatives, but to focus on the positives! Greater is he that is in us then he who is in the world!

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