Simple obedience really does change history!

A few months ago, when I was asking God where to reach out locally, a friend shared a simple statement with me: “A college campus is one of the most unreached places in the world.” He said it so simply and matter of factly, that I remember a light bulb going off! Since then, all I knew is that I was supposed to GO, not much direction, just a very clear word to go.

Humanistic ideas are flooding young people’s minds. Most Christians who do attend, tend to drift away. Some lose their faith altogether. As a missionary, I can tend to focus solely on reaching nations and going out of my country, which is important. At times, though I can tend to neglect to see what’s happening right in front of me.

As I prepared to respond to this, I knew that I needed a friend/partner by my side, who could see things I couldn’t see. The Lord spoke to my best friend and prompted her to partner with me, and a few weeks ago we were getting in a car and going! We started out by asking the Lord for words for people, and then we would give them. It was valuable and beautiful to see people hearing what their Father thought of them, but my heart was stirring for more!

Two weeks ago, while we were driving down to Butte College, a righteous anger came over me for the souls of people at Butte! I cried out to the Lord in intercession for salvation. I heard the Lord clearly speak to me and say, “It’s easy. The harvest is ripe.” I was then reminded of my trip to Asia, and how easy it was to preach the gospel on college campuses and how many people were saved! We were both greatly encouraged and anticipated what the Lord would do!

When we arrived at Butte, we went to our favorite coffee shop (of course). Immediately we saw a girl sitting alone, who we would later know as Katrina. The Lord said, “There she is! That’s the one!” I got my iced vanilla latte, sat near her, and began to ask the Lord about her. My best friend interceded while reading her Bible. I received a word of knowledge that she grew up without a father and that there was wounding in her life.

Finally, after trying to muster up courage and faith to talk to her, I stepped out and asked her if what I was hearing was true. Her face showed utter shock as she silently listened. Then the Lord began to download even more information about her and her eyes grew bigger and bigger. After about ten minutes of silence, she quietly said, “most of that’s true…but how do you know that?”

I then pulled a Savanna and giggled, and said, “God.” Thus started our conversation. Turns out, she had never heard the real gospel and knew nothing about Jesus at all! She said that her family was never into religion and I laughed, “Me neither! But I am into Jesus!” This was a moment of growth for me because I have always had the belief that because we live in America, people are raised with a common knowlege of God and Christianity. To discover that she genuinely didn’t grow up with any awareness at all, shifted my paradigm.

We opened my Bible and spent the rest of our time together sharing the whole gospel with her, and then I shared my own personal life story with her. Then I felt boldness come over me, which only comes from the Holy Spirit, and I asked her if she wanted to receive Jesus, and invite Him to make Himself real to her. She answered yes! We prayed right there in the coffee shop, and her whole countenance changed!

I knew that I needed to give her a Bible, but the only one I had with me was my own personal copy. God told me it was to be hers. I was crying like a baby as I handed it to her. That Bible had all of my own personal revelation in it– teachings, prophetic words, and tons and tons of highlighted truth! I felt the Lord tell me that my ceiling, up to that point, was to become her floor!

Since then we have become friends and we have all met together to talk about life and the Bible. I love hearing her questions and seeing her light up as she learns new things about God’s nature and character. Katrina is now on a beautiful journey to knowing God and finding out who He really is! I can’t wait until she discovers her identity in Him. I feel so blessed to be a part of this adventure with Jesus and to partner with Him as we get to change history together.

It is all about simple obedience. We had no clear plan or formula, and we still don’t! Just the clear word to go and obey. Our generation is crying out for identity and purpose. Everyone is searching for the next big thing to do or trying to be happy. People are just looking for something real. Jesus is the real deal!

I am encouraged and greatly challenged in this truth because it is up to me and to you to share who He really is with a world that has no idea! Jesus Christ is moving, not just in our local churches or other nations, but he is moving here in our colleges! I look forward to more!

By Savanna Whiteley

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