Organic Agri-nutritional Training Seminar

This seminar trains those who would like to equip others to use Organic Agriculture, Nutrition and Natural Medicine as transformational tools to change lives, communities and nations by providing the health that God intended for and from His Creation. It is all about gaining insight into God’s character and ways to look at His creation and see how He has designed it to be not only sustainable, but abundant no matter where we are on the planet. It is about recognizing the God-placed resources wherever we are and using the creative imagination that He has given us to use these resources to build real wealth as defined in His Word.

Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.”

Genesis 1:29

Fight malnutrition naturally

Topics to be covered include permaculture, food forests, creation care, Biblical worldview, changing the cultural mindsets that hinder abundance, body systems, nutrition, natural medicine, bio-intensive agriculture, reversing desertification, water and sanitation, dry-land agriculture and more.

Our speakers and trainers will be imparting a wealth of knowledge gained over years of experience. However, it is not about the knowledge that is gained but the understanding and wisdom to put it into practice in ways that bring transformative change in individuals and communities that begin changing nations. Each day there will be time to interact with the teachers and trainers in practical application in the field. The impact of these practical times will change the way we see the world. We will also be sharing what is learned in nearby communities. During the outreach phase you will share your new-found skills in other nations.


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Form Organic Agri-nutritional Training Seminar

Live & Learn

We will live together as a community during this time and be putting into practice the training we are receiving. We will eat the food we grow and learn new ways to provide all our body needs to be healthy as God intended.


For this seminar, we are offering two segments of training, as well as an optional outreach to put into practice the things you have learned. Students may choose to take one or the other segment, or attend both.

The first segment will be focused on agriculture starting February 24.

The second segment will be focused on nutrition and natural medicine starting March 21.

What you should know

Because it takes time to process applications, we ask that you apply as early as possible – particularly if you are a foreign student needing to apply for a visa as this can take several months.

As a second level course, we highly recommend having completed a YWAM Discipleship Training School but this course may be counted toward certificate credit even if that is not done prior to this course. Those with a heart to see true transformation come to the relief of the poor around the world may apply.
Students completing the full course can receive credits from YWAM’s University of the Nations (U of N) if they have previously completed a DTS or CDTS.
Student housing is in the Lodge, dormitory style housing on our campus. You’ll have at least one roommate. Most rooms have attached bathrooms. Living, kitchen and dining spaces are shared. All meals during the school are served in our hotel dining room.

From a resort hotel built in 1923 to a comprehensive campus that covers nearly 500 acres and includes more than 80 buildings, YWAM Chico is a pedestrian-friendly campus nestled in a beautiful canyon, with many open spaces and a park-like environment that enhances the natural beauty of the canyon ridges, woods and creeks. Our campus provides something for everyone. From miles of hiking trails to tennis and volleyball courts to our Olympic-sized swimming pool, there are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Our expansive grounds provide ample space for spending time alone with God, or hanging out with people, or just getting away from it all. The hotel lobby has sitting areas, WiFi, a bookstore and a snack bar. You can visit our prayer room and soak in God’s presence, or jam in worship in Ebenezer Hall. Get a Photo Tour of our campus.

A typical weekly schedule includes classroom study and hands-on training. Students also have group discussion times and one-on-one time with school staff, service assignments, and devotional time with God. At least twice a week, students will join with the wider YWAM community for worship and prayer.

Some weekends have scheduled activities. Sundays are open for you to find a local church to join with in worship and fellowship.

Notification of acceptance is given upon receiving all your required forms. Once accepted, you will receive a list of what to bring, visa information and other specifics. Since there is limited space and staff, it is not always possible to accommodate everyone who applies. Whenever possible, applicants are referred to other training centers or given the option of waiting for an opening in the following school.
What you bring may vary, depending on different factors, such as season, outreach destination, etc. Every student should have a valid passport, and foreign students should have any necessary visas. You will have shared living areas, and especially on outreach, may have limited living and traveling space, so it is always a good idea to pack lightly. Once accepted to the course, you will receive a more detailed list of what to (and what not to) bring.


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Registration Fees : $50 single $80 per couple (The registration fee must be sent in with the application)

Lecture Fees: $1500

Outreach Cost: Costs vary depending on location and amount of time spent there. Plan on $1500-$2500; This would include airfare and ground fees (food, transportation, and housing). Additional costs may include extra immunizations, visa, and/or passport costs.