New meaning to life

There’s something burning deep inside you. A feeling, a passion. You’ve buried it all your life. Trying to snuff out the flame burning within you. You tried to fit inside all those boxes. You’ve tried living the American dream. You’ve tried it all. Nothing satisfies. Nothing is enough.

There’s got to be more. You know it. You where created for far more then this world has handed you. You can barely breath through the suffocation and pain.

Your done. Done with the nothingness. Done with the pain. Done with working your life away while accomplishing nothing. Done with doing it the way of the world.

Imaging yourself walking into a place of new. A place where you no longer have to be known for all your past. All your pain and shame gone. Vanished. You have been given a new start. A brand new life to be anything you want to be. But more.

Welcome to the throne room. The refrigerator is stocked with all your favorites and your Father, the King and Creator of the world awaits in expectation. HE is asking for nothing more then you. Your time. Your heart. He is asking for what he made to come back and choose relationship with Him once again.

This is why you where created. To be the Fathers favorite and act like it. To live in a relationship where you are fully loved for who you are, not who you try to be.

This is you. Loved


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