Making it Real: Hearing God`s Voice and Empowering our Intercession

I felt led to pray and fast for a few days this past week, pulling away from the group to dedicate full time to intercession over K—-. The first two days were actually a lot more difficult than I anticipated but the prayer time was amazing! The evening of the second day, my focus had been about the spirit raining down and flooding the streets when I heard God say that I needed to eat up because the next day I was going far.

The next morning He woke me up and told me to look up the tomb of the scholar. It is a white building set about 42 km away from where we were staying. The crazy thing was that about a week and a half before, I had seen a vision of a white building exactly like the tomb.

I had to go, and nothing, not language barriers, distance, or money was going to stop me. Blessedly the rest of the group had been planning to go there that day as well, which I didn’t know until I joined them later that morning. The long and short of it went that we took bus after bus, hour after hour, went where no one else was allowed to go, and were able to proclaim Jesus’s name all over the tomb and its grounds.

I knew even with what little time we actually spent there, mountains in the spiritual places were crumbling at our feet because of our obedience. Joshua 1:3

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