Kunming photo journal

Kunming is our second stop on this outreach. This is a bigger and newer city, but the traditions are just as deep as Nanning. Papa is ever-present here as always.

Elementary school in KM YWAM Chico dts outreachWe have the opportunity to visit elementary schools and share Papa’s love with the children. It is so rewarding to see the laughter bubble up and come to life.


We are able to share His love with others on the streets and restaurants just by a simple smile and hello. We met a restaurant owner this way and have become life friends. Papa introduced us to her on the way to an orphanage and His presence was something she could not deny.

13843547_10153851851387198_1893306206_oWe spent a short week at that orphanage doing repairs and other maintenance, in preparation for some teenage girls. When girls become a certain age they are no longer eligible for adoption so “Josiah’s Covenant” offers them a home for a new start on life.

by Joy

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