Hope In a City of Dashed Hopes

What would happen if you never talked to anyone on the streets, or if you never said a word to anyone you see? If someone needed a friend, it would be hard to know unless you spoke to them. Talking and listening was a big hit with Kathlyn.

Kathlyn, a beautiful, wonderful, blonde haired, hazel eyes, lady, is 26 years old and has 3 children– 1 boy and 2 girls. She is originally from Missouri, but came to Hollywood to chase her dream of a career in singing. Her children are currently with their father somewhere in the United States. 

15540269_10154557515221201_97042859_oWe met Kathlyn on the streets when we were doing a prayer walk on Hollywood Blvd. Her head was leaning on a a window sill as she slept. I pointed her out to Shelly, who walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder. Shelly asked if she was hungry and invited her to join us at a coffee shop. So she did. When we got there, Shelly and her husband Peter generously bought her some food and a drink. After sitting and chatting with Kathlyn, and meeting a bulldog named George, we set off to meet up with the rest of the group, who had done the prayer walk on the other side of the road. Kathlyn had been sleeping on the streets of Hollywood for five nights now, so we called the homeless shelter to see if they had any room. Unfortunately they were closed. So we found a hotel room that she could stay in.

We all jumped into the van and started toward the hotel. On the way, my dad Josiah asked Kathlyn what her favorite Christmas Carol was. She answered, “All of them.” Thus started the caroling in the White Mighty Goose Van, named after Peter, our driver. We sang until we finally got to our destination where we said our goodbyes.

While Peter, Shelly and Beth hopped out with Kathlyn, my dad took the driver’s seat and we started a prayer drive. We drove up a steep hill praying that our brakes would work. (They work very  well.) When Peter, Shelly, and Beth hopped back in we prayed for Kathlyn. We had asked her how we could pray for her for. She said, “my family, and my soul.” Communication is an important value. Just listening and saying little, or the opposite, it can change lives.

Thankfully we were able to give Kathlyn a Bible and a blanket. Please join us in praying for her.

By Natalie Harnish




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