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YWAM DTS- Where the world is your classroom.

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Know God and Make Him Known

Come encounter Jesus in this five-month Discipleship Training School.  The YWAM DTS is designed to inspire you to know God more deeply, to equip you to share the good news with others, and to send you to a world in need of the life and hope that Jesus gives.

So, our goal is to create an environment where we can practice the presence of God together and be transformed by the power of His love. Because it is from that place of living in God’s presence that we gain the capacity to carry His grace and truth into the hardest and darkest of places.

Be Inspired

Hear from world-class speakers from all over North America, who represent years of proven missionary experience on the field. Gain firm biblical foundations that you will apply to your own life and ministry wherever God takes you. Grow in your relationship with God and see how that impacts your reaching out to others.

But DTS is not just about what happens in the classroom. Our live-learn training philosophy is based on having an environment where students, staff, teachers and families eat, study, work, and play in close proximity for maximized learning and mentoring opportunities. We sharpen each other, and learn to appreciate one another’s cultures and perspectives. Accommodation and dining for students, staff and volunteers is right on campus.

YWAM DTS outreach

Missional Focus

Following the lecture phase will be 7 to 8 weeks of outreach, often to Asia or Africa, and 2 weeks of outreach in North America. This is not Christian tourism, but a physically, spiritually and emotionally challenging journey that provides a glimpse of cross-cultural missions as you serve alongside local believers, existing ministries, and long-term missionaries.

Your team will apply the skills you’ve learned during Lecture Phase. An especially important aspect to a YWAM DTS outreach is reaching the lost. There will be diverse opportunities for service, but at the end of the day the goal of every outreach is to make God known in all the nations of the earth.

YWAM DTS Focus Tracks

Worship with the Arts

Passion for His Presence

If you have a passion for the presence of God and worshiping Him, this track is for you. Come and develop your gifts in music and fine arts as you worship the King and lead others to do the same. Find out More

This track is led by Shawn Bansen

Fitness & Wellness

Holistic Discipleship

Discipline your body as well as your spirit. Using sports and fitness, we will do as Paul said and “buffet our bodies so that after we have preached the gospel to others, we will not be disqualified.” Find out more

led by Tom Nichols & Tyler Goodwillie

Passion for Prayer

Intercession & Prayer

We aspire to be a company of prayer warriors who would stand against injustice and pray for God’s justice in the nations. Are you willing to lay down your life in prayer to see God’s Kingdom come? Find out more

Led by Patrick Carey & Tai Weedon

Africa Adventure

Africa Adventure DTS

This track focuses on issues that are specific to ministering in various nations on the continent of Africa. Each week, we will have workshops that focus on culture, ministry opportunities and preparation for outreach to (an) African nation(s). Previous trips have gone to Uganda, South Africa, Lesotho, and Mali. Find out more

Kerygma DTS

Working in Unity

Catholics and Protestants have much more that unites than separates them. In the Kerygma track, you’ll discover fruitful ways to cooperate in training, evangelization and mercy ministries to know God and make him known. Find out more

Crossroads DTS

Missions has no age limit

The Crossroads DTS is designed for families, couples and singles aged 30+. The CDTS has aspects that are created with families, retirees and experienced adults in mind. Students may choose to attend one of the optional tracks as part of their DTS experience. Find out more.

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What a YWAM DTS Taught Me About Relationship With God

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YWAM Chico is here to equip, train and commission people of all ages, whose passion for Jesus will impact the needy and make disciples in the cities and towns of Northern California, unreached people groups and developing nations. We will do this through life-changing training schools, outreaches, youth ministries, serving, and partnering with the body of Christ.

A YWAM DTS is the starting point for all other YWAM training as well as a prerequisite for joining our missionary staff.