What DTS has taught me about relationship with God

What does it mean to have a relationship with God?

Coming to DTS I was unaware of how empty my relationship with God was. I had grown up in a Christian environment – Christian family, Christian school and Christian friends – and I had always considered myself a Christian. I had heard the sermons and teachings highlighting the importance of relationship and intimacy with God but never identified its absence in my life. Prior to DTS the extent of my “relationship” with God was spending 10-15 minutes before bed reading a passage from the Bible and saying a quick prayer – and as much as it pains me to admit it, sometimes I wouldn’t even do that.

Relationship with God is no different to relationship with a friend – in order to develop and maintain that relationship it requires time and conversation which are two things I was not giving God. These first two weeks of DTS have revealed God’s longing for intimacy with me and as I begin to understand this desire, it is increasing my hunger for more of Him.

Already DTS has exposed the extent of my ignorance to God’s character and skills that will cultivate relationship with Him – I am discovering His love in ways I can’t even fathom; I’m learning to hear God’s voice and the countless ways to apply it in daily life; and I’ve learnt what it means to truly worship God, in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24). I came here to make God my number one priority and I can already feel God transforming me – my craving for intimacy with Him is a foreign, yet deeply satisfying, desire that I hope will continue to grow as we progress through the next ten weeks of lecture phase.

by Leah Hunter

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