Ten Thousand Homes

WHITE RIVER, SOUTH AFRICA: We're finally in South Africa. The first day of being here was really tiring for all of us because of the long journey in the airplane. But with God's protection, after 43 hours of travel, we arrived here safely and were very welcomed by the Ten Thousand Homes staff. Ten Thousand

Beacon of Light on the Hill

Women coming out of rehab need opportunities, second chances and the hope of Jesus. Run by a visionary couple, still rocking it in their 60’s, New Beginnings Women’s Association provides just that. Dorothy, originally from Alaska, and her Mexican husband Eduardo have a huge heart for giving women a way out of the vicious cycle of prostitution,

Outreach here we come!!

This awesome team has just finished 11 weeks of lecture phase and tomorrow heads out for a week of Stateside outreach followed by 9 weeks in South Africa and Lesotho. We represent 4 different nations and every one of us is a world changer when we partner with God.

Bread of Life

One of the most enjoyable things we eat almost every day is a bread called Naan. Baked daily in outside ovens, it comes out soft and chewy. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes available. A daily dose of naan makes the meals that much more enjoyable. We have experienced so many delicious foods in

Old Town, New things

As we walk through Old Town Kash Craig asks, "Do you think this is what Cana of Galilee would have looked like in Jesus' time?" That it is not a far stretch for the imagination. Narrow streets wind around mud and grass walls, houses that are several centuries old. Some that have been in the

Up, Up and Away! Asia or Bust!

We have completed twelve weeks of lectures and evangelistic training.  It's time for our team to board the jumbo jet  and cross the Pacific Ocean. Two teams will be sent out, one to Southeast  and one to Northwest region.  What has God planned for us?  Who are we going to meet and share our stories

Famous for its walls

by Daniel C. The second story of our wobbly bus offers breathtaking views of the sharp edged mountains stabbing through the sand dunes. I imagine hordes of horses or even camels around every turn. The air conditioning gives us a break from the blistering heat, as we watch a movie in a foreign language trying to read subtitles, while trying