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Writer, editor, translator, teacher, artist. Not necessarily in that order. I'm married to Carlos and have three amazing boys. We've been with YWAM since the 90s and have served in the US & Latin America.

Agriculture team baptizes a man in Indian Ocean

Seedlings sprout up in PVC tubing in the Aquaponic greenhouse that the YWAM Chico Agriculture team installed at My Father's House, a children's home in Chirala, India. CHIRALA, ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA: Dan and Robin Oosterhouse recently returned from outreach to rural India with their team of nine, including their three sons. They went to install

Daily Decision: Who am I living for?

Am I living each day for myself or for others? That is the question the Holy Spirit convicted me of as I was beginning to feel apathetic toward the end of my outreach. Knowing I only had three weeks left, I began to look forward to the comforts of home; in return, I was losing God's heart

An Unlikely Intercessor & the Power of Prayer

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. James 5:16 Playing Prophecy I was laying on my bottom bunk, feet kicked up on the bunk above mine. It was getting late, but the seven of us were just getting warmed up. We were missionaries-in-training, and were soaking in all the stories of hearing

21 Outreach Journal Writing Prompts

An outreach journal is a collection of memories, stories, experiences and adventures. They're a place to jot down details of places you've been, people you met, discoveries you've made, and the miraculous ways that God used you and your team to minister to others. Why Keep an outreach Journal? To Remember Outreach: where more transformation happens in eight to

Night Guard Sees the Light

VICENTE GUERRERO, MX: Materials for our building projects have to be guarded overnight. This could be a boring, uneventful job, but not for one guard this week. Asher had the opportunity to get to know this man who was guarding the lumber that was waiting to be made into a classroom for 9th grade students.

Jesus was a refugee

photo by Amy Schuff This is a post from our friend Amy from YWAM Sacramento. My husband left for Lesvos, Greece this morning. In case you haven’t heard, thousands upon thousands of innocent people are fleeing a horrible terrorist organization called ISIS. They are paying upwards to $3500 to board a raft or small

Cold and Wet

It is below freezing today, and has begun to snow again. Still, many boats have made the journey across the Aegean Sea to Lesvos. Some boats had trouble and people had to be fished out of the water. They arrived cold and wet. There were only six of us volunteering today, along with two more from Samaritan's Purse, yet

Fishers of Men

Today I am sitting in on an interview with local fisherman Costas. He has literally become a Fisher of Men. He explains how this crisis has impacted his livelihood, and how often over the past several months as he went out to fish, he ended up rescuing people and fishing them out of the sea