Camel’s Milk

Have you ever enjoyed camel's milk? How about a glass of camel's yogurt? One hot afternoon our team took the bus to the city limits. We then crammed eight people into a six passenger van to get to a Kazakh village. A short, tan man greeted us. His years of working his trade reflected on

English Corner

The days seem to be moving so fast. Each morning we travel to new places and meet new people. Hospitality is second nature to the people of this region and our team has been overwhelmed with the meals we have been given. I wish I could share more details of each day but it would take

Camping out at Peking Burger King

The trip over the big blue ocean was long and exhausting. We had a lengthy layover in the capital city, hence the opportunity to set up camp near the Burger King food court area. The scene of our campsite is a reminder of the hobo towns of yester year. One thing about an international airport is