Witnessing Miracles

Witnessing miracles has made this probably the coolest part of my life thus far. God uses average people, average people who step out in faith. I love that. On Christmas Day I was with some of the kids from the community where we are doing ministry. We were delivering Christmas cards to their homes. As

A Christmas Story of Salvation

One of our favorite moments happened about a week ago. I was out meeting people in the community with Debra, another girl on our team, and we ran into a group of six little girls all about the age of 8. We began chatting with them and immediately had a connection with them all. We

Time is Relative

It's 7:00 am. Time to go. No, wait. We'll leave at 8:00. Oh, just a minute... it's 7:30. Let's go. This is African time - always be ready!  Sometimes be ready to leave at a moment's notice, sometimes be ready to wait! Yet, we are on the road in good time and settle down into

Learning what love looks like

Tiny shacks line the dusty dirt roads, and groups of children chase our cars as we drive through their Worcester neighborhood. We reach our destination and our car is flooded with kids waiting for us to open the doors. As the car doors open it's like no feeling I've ever felt before... We're greeted with so

A Walk to Congo

On the eleventh of December, we took a trip to a place called Paidha. We went there to visit a woman named Pastor Helen who  had shared with us a vision God had given her.  She had been called to start an orphanage on her property and she asked us to please come and pray

Sweet Christmas traditions 

This time of year, families around the world celebrate Christmas with different traditions. One of my family's traditions is going out in the forest to cut a Christmas tree. Of course I'm not there this year, but my kids still went and  I have been able to see their decorated trees online.  Another blessing of

What does real freedom look like?

I have never been involved in prison ministry before.  And I will admit I was more than a little apprehensive about it.  We were split into 3 groups – one went to a men’s prison, one to women’s prison and the third to the children’s prison. Yes, there is a children’s prison in Uganda. It is for

Stepping Out and Lending a Hand

Stepping out when we're uncomfortable is something that our team has been growing in tremendously. This week was the National Handball Tournament in Troyeville Park where we have been working to clean up, and get to know people in the community the last two weeks. The majority of our team had never heard of handball

Pray, Play and Picture Pages

Yesterday we went back to the village of Ediofe. There are so many orphans and widows. They have almost no Bibles so some of our team had them copy encouraging verses to help them through tough times. Douglas, Joshua & I shared Bible stories, coloring pages and played games with the kids. We left soccer