It’s the little things.

We've been traveling from city to city throughout West C, and we have truly made it to the desert. There's so much sand and dust in the air that in some cities we can't see the blue sky or the horizon, and though the dusty air prevents us from seeing the sun, we can still

In All Things, Give Thanks

Thank God for tummy medicine. Chinese food is so spicy. The food on this side of the country is nothing like the Chinese food we're familiar with, and by the end of most meals at least half of us have runny noses and are sweating from the spiciness of the food. We're almost halfway through the

Culture Shock and Adventure

Note: This post is coded for our team's protection. If you just can't figure out what it means, give us a call. ;) It has been a long 15 days filled with culture shock and adventure. We recently took a three day train to our current destination. Everywhere we go we have made many local