Thoughts from the flight home

As we sit together on the airplane headed back toward California it's time to take a look back over our experience in South Africa. We are all walking through this adventure together with different experiences. We have each been stretched in different ways. The memories we have are the same, yet so different. What we

South African highlights

by Jodi N. As we finish up our time here in South Africa we are thinking not only about what lays ahead, but also what we are leaving behind. Today we are in a time of debriefing when we reflect about the past 2 months. I want to share with you a few of my

Love Carves Paths

by Ashleigh H. With debrief done, souvenirs scavenged for and packing in progress, our time in Jeffrey's Bay drifts to an end. I think of the constant rhythmic lull of ocean waves crushing gently on the beach, a sound we have grown accustomed to hearing from our beds at night. How many waves left before

Mandela Bay Ministry

by Ashleigh H. In 2006 Pastor Robin Jantjies began planting a very small, very basic church right in the middle of an impoverished 'coloured' township called Mandela Bay. Although at first the church brought an explosion of salvations, joyful praises to God and much needed social changes through kids programmes and various support groups, these


by Ashleigh H. We've been bunged on to and trooped off various low budget air planes repeatedly in the last few weeks. So many that now, upon finding a rare moment of stillness sitting at the arrivals gate, I am bemused. Where am I now? I can only laugh. It's the most wonderful feeling, being

New Year in Noordhoek

by Ashleigh H. "Three... Two... One... HAPPY NEW YEAR!" The split second where 2014 passes and 2015 hits us square in the face is exhilarating. Breathless and laughing we are hugged, kissed and well-wished by the collection of cosmopolitan outreach-chic YWAMer strangers that fill our small living room. Although I signed up for a DTS

A walk in the rain

By Jodi Noordmans It's not just your everyday normal night. It's the end of something. The beginning of something else. It's the night we all think, did we accomplish our goals this year? Or, what will next year bring? It's a time to ponder our lives to this point. It's New Year's Eve! Usually my