On your mark, get set, let’s go!

By Jodi Noordmans "Go blue!!!!" We cheered as the four expertly painted and built box cars careened down the track. The flash of red, green, yellow and blue was off the starting line and the race had begun. The blue team, which was on track to win it all danced around me as we playfully

O Little Town

For many of our team, this Christmas has been our first spent away from home. Together we have navigated through the swamp of emotions: moments of homesickness, confusion, isolation and at times desperation as we searched for God in all of it. On the morning of Christmas Eve Niklas and I prayed for our team

Let’s Dance!

By Jodi Noordmans And so we dance. Dance like nobody is watching, dance like there is nothing in this world that can stop us. We dance. We dance for fun. We dance for release. We dance for freedom. We dance when we're feeling blue. Dance when we're on top of the world. Just dance. We

Meet Jonathan

So today I got to be used by God! He's been working in a number of ways in this man's life for a long time and today I got to be a little yet instrumental part of his testimony. This morning Pastor Foller "volun-tells" us to do some door to door evangelism around the streets

Your life is bigger than you think

I am woken by the 6am golden sunlight nosing through crack in the curtain and into our new dorm room. I turn over, disorientated by the early hour and my new surroundings. It's so quiet here, an unfamiliar distant singsong of birds drifts outside. The other girls rouse and eyes meet as we are hit

Jesus in LIV Village

By Jodi Noordmans LIV is a happy place. A place where freedom is experienced and love is freely given. In a world of pain and war this is a place you can laugh, love and forgive. Jesus is at the very core of this place. The heart of this place is to not just be

Being stretched by Holy hands

Three weeks at the Joseph Project in Johannesburg have flown by! Although we're sorry to be moving on from this inspiring little ministry hub and the unique Jozi community we've each fallen in love with here, we are all excited to dive into everything God's got ahead of us as we travel south west to

Painting for Jesus

By Jodi Noordmans The Adventures of Loreta and Dennis The project was painting a school. The plan was for part of our group to go and work with another team to get this burnt out school repainted before the group of children arrived Thursday night. Dennis and Loreta were the volunteers from Chico to go

The Children of Thembalethu

By Jodi Noordmans   We left part of our hearts at Thembalethu “What do you mean you’re all from different places?”, asked the 12 year old Zulu girl sitting beside me. There were Zulu children sitting all around me and on top of me, but not many of them spoke or understood English very well.

Roughing it

by Dennis H. I went to an old burnt down church near Escourt, South Africa. I stayed in huts for two days and worked on getting the rooms repaired. Beth and the kids stayed in Winterton and did some children's ministry. I got the first hand experience of living with no showers or running water.